Laws of the Land

The world of has STRICT laws that must be obeyed.


  1. meme-rats are to refer to EVERYONE as "sir" and may NEVER interact with a meme-lord.

  2. Appropriate terms to refer to a meme-rat are scum, trash, bottle opener, waste of internet bandwidth, and of course, meme-rat.

  3. Comment sections are for profound discourse and pontification about historic meme-culture. Do not advertise your porn website. Please

  4. When interacting with a meme-lord, ALWAYS finish a statement with "my lord".

  5. is a community that MUST look out for each other. Every member matters. Except meme-rats.


  • Schmuck: a person who has made a silly mistake or has incorrectly stated something. An endearing term.

  • Roasted: to have disproven or contradicted a person to an embarrassing extent.

  • Short-Busser: a person who has misinterpreted a trend or meme; rides the short bus to school.

  • Grandmaster: a talented meme creator.

  • meme-thief: I think you can figure this one out.

  • Dawg: a dear friend.

  • Tilted: to have spent too much time online, you forget how real interactions are supposed to happen.

  • Dogshit: a very bad meme.

  • God Tier: an amazing meme.